My Love for Instagram As A Personal Stylist

My Love for Instagram As A Personal Stylist

elin-mai-personal-stylist-instagram-picturesI must say that I’ve been a late bloomer when it comes to Instagram but after joining a few months ago it has now become my favourite social media outlet. Let’s face it, pictures are the most interesting thing on Facebook and I always prefer tweets that include pictures so it was only natural that Instagram would become my favourite of them all.

As I’m a creative person I guess it makes sense that I prefer a site that only shows photographs (and some videos). I wouldn’t say that I’m averse to reading but I get more pleasure out of seeing a beautiful sunset, some amazing architecture or delicious food.

What I love about Instagram is that you can follow and like anyone’s pictures from across the world without having to know them at all (unless they have a private account of course).

Some of the most followed people on Instagram make a good living from chronicling their colourful lives such as Julie from Sincerely Jules who post beautiful pictures of everything from fashion to food on her page and most of her images gain around 50,000 likes.

Celebrities are also heavy Instagram users and Kim Kardashian’s wedding photo posted here gained over a million likes.

I like the creative outlet that Instagram provides me as a personal stylist and just writing a sentence or comment below an image is enough as the image should speak for itself. I also enjoy not having to ‘explain’ what a picture is about and if someone likes it, they like it and that’s great.

I also love looking through the pictures as a visual diary to see what I’ve been up to for the past few months. In one short scroll I can see everything from pictures of the beach, to delicious food to teaching and brings back great memories without having to click into multiple photo albums. What I also like too is that I only see photos that I’ve decided to make public which means that these are a snapshot of my life.

Are you on Instagram? See my life in pictures here.

Elin Mai x