When I founded Style Doctors Personal Stylists in 2004, I had no idea of the amazing adventure that lay ahead for me.

I wanted to somehow combine my love of fashion with helping people and decided to establish Style Doctors Personal Stylists, after seeing a huge gap in the market for styling services for everyday people. Fifteen years later, I’m still here and loving every minute of it.

And now to introduce myself…

I was always interested in fashion from a young age and my mother says that from about 3 years old I was not only deciding on my own outfits but also for others. After a fantastic childhood in beautiful Anglesey it was time to choose a degree and ultimately a career path, which was always going to be Fashion. I studied Fashion Design with Technology at Manchester University and the course gave me an fantastic opportunity to embrace my creative side in ways I would have not imagined.

After producing a final collection that was very indicative of my colourful style at the time I knew that styling was in my blood. After graduating with a First Class Honours I worked freelance as a Personal Stylist.

My sister would tell you that I was never destined to work for anyone and I soon had the yearning to be my own boss. Coming from an academic and fashion background meant that I could combine these two and have the confidence to go ahead and start a business.

It’s over fifteen years since I started the company and it has grown to be one of the largest Personal Styling companies in the UK employing makeup artists, colourists, personal shoppers and personal stylists across the country.

The service is for anyone, be they male or female and from all walks of life. The packages we offer ranges from Home Visits, Wardrobe re-styling, Shopping Trips to Complete Makeovers and much more. Our clients range from 18 to 80 years of age and have a variety of jobs, from stay at home Mums to Pop-stars to Politicians. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone gain confidence in themselves. Over the last twelve years I have styled over a thousand men and women across the UK and Europe. I have been seeing some clients for nearly 15 years where we meet up for a twice or thrice yearly shopping and styling sessions.

My in depth knowledge of shops on both high street and designer level means that I am happy styling anyone from any walk of life with any budget or requirement. This also means that I help companies with their marketing strategy to attract more shoppers into their stores.

Soon after starting the company the Style Doctors were offered own TV series to be aired on ITV called Steal That Style, which we presented. Following on from the success of the ­first series came a second, offering women makeovers from the Style Doctors.

As a fashion expert I have regularly appeared on television and radio discussing style related topics. I have appeared on Five, BBC, ITV, Sky TV and GMTV. I have been a regular at London Fashion Week for the last 10 years as a fashion correspondent for Tinopolis TV.

As well as seeing individual clients helping them on all aspects of their style and confidence, I work with companies on team building seminars. I also work with agencies promoting confidence and getting women back into work which is a subject that I’m very passionate about. I also work closely with brands as a consultant to help their brand or product reach their potential.

With Style Doctors I have worked with companies such as Avon, Ford, Reiss, Hugo Boss and many more on nationwide and international style events. Style Doctors are also the official Personal Stylists for Westfield in London in, which is a great honour.

2016 brought on a new and exciting set of challenges as Style Doctors started trading in the USA. During this year we opened our first branch of Style Doctors in New York City and Miami with a view to expand the company across the USA. Needless to say, I’m very excited about what the future holds for Style Doctors USA.

In 2018 we expanded to our third country and the fashion capital of the Middle East, the UAE. With stylists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we now have a team of stylists working with men, women and businesses across the United Arab Emirates at Style Doctors UAE.

I love fashion and I love people. Pure and simple. I spend my life meeting new people and I get just as much out of helping them as they get from me. I get am immense sense of fulfilment from making people feel good about themselves and over the years I have also become a Style Coach as well as a Personal Stylist.

There you have it. Thanks for reading.